how much does it cost to fly to japan from your country?

Planning for a trip to Japan? ๐Ÿค” or just curious about how much it would cost you to get to Japan?

Welcome then ๐Ÿ˜„

In this small article, we shall try to give you an idea of…

How much it can cost you to fly to Japan depending on the country you are in right now

Here we are going to focus on average fare charges of flights from your country to japan and in how much minimum you can make it because there is no maximum limit.ย 

Let’s start from the USA

how much does it cost to fly to Japan from the USA?

According to one of the Biggest survey siteย statistics, around 100 thousand Americans choose japan as their travel destination every year.

which country visits the most in japan survey

You can see the survey dataย here

Although it is not exact, you can fly to Japan from USA for around 800$

We will cover in detail in another article about how you can travel japan in the cheapest way possible.

but for now, just remember this…

you can get the fare charges of flight in cheap during the cherry blossom season of Japan.

Around 600$


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